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ozone waterspray
-ROUGH O₃ spray-

​High disinfecting and deodorizing power, so it can be used in daily life, business and medical settings!


​ Just pour tap water into the bottle and use ozone water that can disinfect and deodorize 99% with one-touch operation.

Generate electric spray!USB rechargeable and easy to carry!

With a wide range of sizes,it can be used in various scenes regardless of location!

​ Unlike alcohol disinfection, it does not irritate your hands.



Due to its lightweight and compact design, it is a product that is convenient to carry.


​ROUGHO₃2It will be a large capacity model of



Adopting a super special ferrite core, power loss reduction due to harmonic reduction effect = power consumption reduction

・Prevents high-frequency noise from passing through power lines ・Protects electrical products
・High safety without generating heat

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