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Product list

In addition to various energy-saving products such as LED lighting, we have a lineup of disaster prevention products.
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High output LED lighting

It is a product designed with a focus on high quality and safety as a replacement for mercury lamps, for which the manufacture, import and export of mercury lamps will be banned in 2021.

There are three types available, including socket type, hanging type, direct mounting type, and floodlight type.

​We conduct on-site inspections free of charge, so please feel free to contact us.

​solar panel integrated street light

solar panel/This is the latest LED street light with a lithium phosphate rechargeable battery, motion sensor, and LED light all integrated. Since wiring installation of the power supply is unnecessary,Reduces installation costs and is useful in the event of a disaster.​It is an eco-friendly product that uses natural energy.

​General lighting

​We handle connectable indirect lighting, freezer/refrigerator lighting, and plant cultivation lighting that can be installed in toilets, lounges, and product sales corners.
Regarding lighting for plant cultivation
We will select the color according to the purpose and propose lighting according to the customers request.


Uses a super special ferrite core.

By installing it at the power supply source, it is possible to absorb harmonics and efficiently emit them to the outside, reducing power loss during power transmission. Suppressing harmonics is expected to be effective in protecting equipment and electrical products.

Please feel free to contact us for a free trial introduction.



​ Just pour tap water into the bottle and one-touch operation will generate ozone water that can disinfect and deodorize 99% and spray it electrically!
USB rechargeable and easy to carry! It is available in various scenes without choosing the place!
Despite its compact design, it is equipped with a large capacity 350ml bottle and a built-in battery capable of continuous spraying for over 1 hour!


​What is ozone?
​A clear, colorless gas with a distinctive odor. It has extremely strong bactericidal power due to its strong oxidizing power, destroying and inactivating proteins of bacteria and viruses. It also quickly decomposes and neutralizes odor-causing substances to eliminate odors.



​Disaster prevention products

Automatic fire extinguishing system Kesujan

It is a very effective product for initial fire extinguishing in the event of a fire, does not require wiring or piping work, and works even during a power outage in the event of a disaster. The fire extinguishing liquid is also a component with immediate effect that does not affect the human body.

​There are two types: ceiling embedded type and hanging type.

*Maintenance-free for 10 years

Join product liability insurance (PL insurance)

300,000,000 yen (10-year guarantee) is the common limit for interpersonal and objective purposes.

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